We specialize in evaluating and adopting new and emerging technologies.

The world around us is moving at an astonishing pace, and the benefits of new solutions are not always apparent or readily accessible. Our executive briefings and consultancy support decision making processes and are the perfect platform to keep in touch with the most recent technologies. Whether faced with strategic or tactical problems, our expertise and innovative thinking serve as a resource for CTOs, early adopters, project managers, engineers and scientists.

Technical and management advisory for CTOs

We also offer technical advisory and evaluations to help our customers drive business innovation and innovation strategies. We build custom briefs and analyses for CEOs, CTOs and CIOs who seek to estimate the impact of strategic technical decisions.

Technical competence

In addition to strategic planning skills, our team has a vast portfolio of hands-on technical experience spanning multiple domains of computing.

We know first-hand the pains of parallelization and parallel programming. With these activities in mind, we developed the 7 Dimensions of Performance, a holistic model spanning the entirety of a modern data center. It helps programmers and architects develop scalable designs and plan software to maximize the usage of the whole computing platform.

Special knowledge areas

Our special knowledge areas include:

  • code parallelization,
  • high-throughput, high-performance, high-efficiency computing,
  • compilers and compiled code, in particular in C, C++ and Fortran,
  • numerical computing and floating point - correctness and optimization,
  • accelerators - in particular the Intel Xeon Phi.

All our knowledge is made available through customizable formats, be it 1:1 discussions or group training.