HP acquires SGI

VB is reporting that HP Enterprise acquired SGI for $275 million. This is an important milestone for the embattled manufacturer, which used to sell high-quality workstations like hot cakes.

In its tumultuous history, SGI has gone through a bankruptcy and two rebrandings. SGI’s legacy includes the Indy, Onyx and O2 workstations, as well as a host of other famous devices, prized for their compute and graphics proficiency. NB: This author’s first UNIX, for instance, was Irix.

VB also reports: “SGI stock was up more than 27 percent in after-hours trading, while HPE stock was down slightly.” — are we surprised?

Reference: http://venturebeat.com/2016/08/11/hewlett-packard-enterprise-acquires-sgi-for-275-million/