Do more, for less, with less

Empower your developers with modern technology. Our tailored educational program helps your teams maximize performance on existing and future computing platforms. Designed with practice in mind, it has already trained 1'600 coders, engineers and scientists in 15 European countries.





Boost your teams

University education can get old quickly, and routine practice can box in even the top talent. What if existing knowledge could be refreshed, updated, and expanded? Help your teams maximize their performance by giving them all the modern knowledge and tools they need - at your premises.

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Direct tutoring is a key component of our training programs, offering thorough, structured insights into new or established technologies.

Hands-on Labs

It is the guided hands-on experience that enables the trainees to rapidly reach that magical “a-ha!” moment of understanding.

1:1 Coaching

From programming environments to next-generation hardware, we are at your disposal to help you solve pressing technological challenges.




Strong credentials

Since its inception in 2007, our program has been disseminated to a wide variety of audiences - from bankers to particle physicists. We delivered training for 1'600 members of corporations, international organizations, research institutes and universities in 15 European countries.


A rich portfolio

A rich, customizable course portfolio is available on demand - inquire with for details and order information. The main themes are:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Programming and Performance
  • Parallelism
  • Future Technologies
  • Floating Point computing
  • Intel technology: hardware (e.g. Xeon, Atom, Xeon Phi) and Intel Software tools (e.g. C/C++/Fortran Compilers, Amplifier, Inspector)

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