Theme: Python

Python for Data Analysis

Level: Intermediate

Typical duration: 3 days

Lectures: 10h

Labs: 14h

Course code: PY05

Harness the power of Python for data analysis

Training topics

Using Python data processing, analysis and visualization

The Python language is the perfect companion for a data analyst - easy to use and extend, getting the job done with minimum hassle. Discover how to efficiently process, analyze and visualize data or machine learning results with Python.

This practical, highly hands-on course focuses on key tasks such as sourcing data, processing 1D and 2D numerical arrays with NumPy, using pandas to process multidimensional and time-series data as well as data aggregation and pivoting. We also explain how to connect Python to Tableau.

In this course you will further learn how to make beautiful static and interactive 2D/3D visualizations, for instance with Matplotlib and Seaborn. We discuss the necessary web-powered tools such as IPython notebooks and interactively visualizing data with tools like Bokeh, Plotly or mixes of JavaScript and Python.



After the course, the students will:
- Efficiently process and analyze data with Python
- Master multi-dimensional data processing and aggregation
- Visualize data statically or interactively on the Web
- Use a mix of the Web and Python tools to increase productivity

Training concepts

Processing numerical and bulk data
Interactive Python on the Web - with Ipython notebooks
Using the NumPy and SciPy libraries
Multi-dimensional data with Pandas
Making beautiful visualizations - static and interactive