Theme: Future Technologies

Programming for the Intel Xeon Phi

Level: Beginner

Typical duration: 2 days

Lectures: 6h

Labs: 10h

Course code: FU1

Accelerators and co-processors are widely known to provide raw performance that far surpasses that of standard processors. However, extra performance often comes at a price in development. This course fuses lectures, labs and live demos to give a practical entry point to acceleration.

Training topics

Programming for accelerators
A practical introduction to Intel Xeon Phi

TIK trainers were one of the first world-wide to obtain access to Xeon Phi hardware. Using our experience, we cover the main families of accelerators, their operation as well as practical aspects related to programming. In addition, we will discuss what can be gained, fundamentals of workload decomposition, the programming models and technologies practicularly suitable for accelerators.



After the course, the students will:
- Write, port and run programs on accelerators
- Understand key benefits of accelerators, understand accelerator architecture and identify problems adapted to it
- Decompose problems into data-parallel tasks
- Understand and identify programming models and technologies suitable for accelerators

Training concepts

Intel Xeon Phi ("Intel MIC", Knights / KNF / KNC), GPUs
Programming models, programming technologies