Theme: Programming

Getting the most out of Intel Software

Level: Beginner

Typical duration: 2 days

Lectures: 8h

Labs: 8h

Course code: PR05

Intel's software suite offers some of the best software engineering aids available in the industry. This course explains how to get the most of this broad spectrum of tools.

Training topics

Using Intel software tools
Performance tuning

We start with a basic discussion of performance measurements - which metrics matter, and why. We continue with Intel's C/C++ compilers - from compiler options to advanced aspects of compiler control and GCC differences. We devote attention to Intel VTune and Inspector for C/C++ development, offering deep insight into the performance and correctness of complex multi-threaded code. Finally, depending on interest, the course can cover Intel Performance Primitives and the Math Kernel Library. These two toolkits are used to build highly efficient computing kernels by a wide range of industry professionals, from game programmers to scientific computing experts.

50% of the course is hands-on, ensuring that the theory presented is matched by an adequate amount of practice.



After the course, the students will:
- Take control of the software optimization process and measure software's and hardware's most important performance parameters
- Master Intel's C and C++ tools: the compiler, the performance tuning VTune tool and the Inspector correctness checker
- Understand basics of Intel's Fortran, IPP and MKL tools

Training concepts

Performance monitoring and tuning - which metrics to consider, how to measure, how to react
Intel C/C++ tools: from basics to advanced - how to employ Intel tools
Finding memory leaks and parallelism errors, debugging performance, compilation and differences vs. GCC,
special libraries such as IPP and MKL (only if time permits or on special request)