Theme: Future Technologies

Future trends in computing

Level: Beginner

Typical duration: 0.5 day

Lectures: 4h

Labs: 0h

Course code: FU3

Computing of the future will be affected by a number of fundamental technologies in development today, many of which are already on the way to becoming commercialized.

Training topics

Future computing and memory systems

In this series of lectures, we will discuss hardware and software technologies that will become mainstream in the 1-5 year timeframe and how they will shape or change the computing landscape. Topics include processor technology, memory architecture and topology, platform integration, next-generation interconnect, interconnect fabric, programming models. We also discuss the impact of said technologies on the art of programming, programmers and data centers of the future.



After the course, the students will:
- Understand key future technological challenges and solutions in the computing domain
- Identify elements of the software and hardware infrastructure that will be affected, in a positive or negative way, by upcoming changes
- Identify technologies which bring new opportunities for existing problems, and to estimate the benefits

Training concepts

Understanding and monitoring future technologies
Future system characteristics, programming, operation