Theme: Computer Architecture

Basic computer architecture refresher

Level: Beginner

Typical duration: 1 day

Lectures: 6h

Labs: 2h

Course code: CA1

Today, most applications use a single digit percentage of the computing power available. This refresher course is an introduction to how to improve this number.

Training topics

Basic Computer Architecture
Exploiting modern hardware
High throughput computing (basics)

We offer a comprehensive overview of the most important current topics in computer architecture. It starts with a coverage of the main elements of the Von Neumann architecture, and progresses through its main elements and their modern-day expansions. The Seven Dimensions of Performance are discussed, covering the spectrum from vectors in a processor to the topology of the platform. The model serves as a reference point for efficient programming taking advantage of all available hardware. Finally, a link to domain-specific computing is made to demonstrate how the concepts discuss relate to practical challenges.

The 2-hour lab serves as an introduction to benchmarking and performance gain estimates on selected examples.



After the course, the students will:
- Understand the architecture of modern platforms and processors, and to link this knowledge to domain particularities
- Use the Seven Dimensions of Performance to write scalable code
- Identify key scalability oportunities and challenges
- Benchmark hardware and software while maintaining full control

Training concepts

From the basic Von Neumann model to modern processors
Scaling through the Seven Dimensions of Performance - from vectors to datacenters