Theme: Parallelism

Advanced solutions for parallel programming

Level: Intermediate

Typical duration: 1 day

Lectures: 2h

Labs: 6h

Course code: MULC3

A multitude of solutions is offered for parallel programming - but which one to choose?

Training topics

Advanced technologies for parallelism

his course is stand-alone, but also fits in as a 1-day intensive follow-up to "Programming and environments for parallelism".

This short advanced course offers a deep dive into parallel programming technologies and is heavily oriented towards practice. It discusses advanced and expert features of OpenMP (including the accelerator-ready version 4), Cilk, Threading Building Blocks and alternative options, including emerging languages. A short pthread and MPI refresher is included, with exercises available on demand.



After the course, the students will:
- Use advanced features of major environments for parallel programming, understand their details and the differences between them
- Identify and efficiently use the parallel technology fitting their project

Training concepts

Advanced technologies: getting most out of OpenMP4, Cilk, TBB.
Special control options, finetuning, balancing.
Choosing the appropriate technology out of a portfolio of over 20.