Theme: Future Technologies

Advanced Intel Xeon Phi programming

Level: Intermediate

Typical duration: 2 days

Lectures: 8h

Labs: 8h

Course code: FU2

As code is ported to accelerators, opportunities are matched by an equal number of challenges. This course, with a strong accent on practical aspects, will teach the students the practice and theory of daily work with these new devices. Students will learn how to manage devices and host/accelerator memories.

Training topics

Getting the most out of accelerators
Advanced accelerators and Xeon Phi operation

TIK trainers were one of the first world-wide to obtain access to Xeon Phi hardware. In this class, we teach an efficient integration of the accelerator with standard platforms and processors, required to achieve top performance. Further topics of discussion include symmetric host/accelerator computing, computation synchronization, communication and memory sharing, as well as producing code that compiles and works well from a single source.



After the course, the students will:
- Exploit accelerators in an advanced fashion to maximize speedups
- Deeply undertand accelerator architecture, as well as the opportunities and limitations
- Improve their porting process
- Integrate their software with the hardware to use host resources, symmetric computation and offloading
- Create and manage platform-independent source code

Training concepts

memory management, co-existence with CPUs, synchronization of computation, symmetric computing, build and source code level control, single source integration